Find out the advantages of the Kitchen Cabinet with Smart Folding Door that you can import with IBMH

This time we come to introduce you to the most noteworthy advantages and features of the kitchen cabinet with smart folding door whose purchase we manage at IBMH for our customers. It is an indispensable product in your hardware catalog. We’ll tell you!

You can now import with IBHM the kitchen cabinet with smart folding door

The kitchen cabinet with smart folding door is not only the best solution for modern kitchens. It is also the perfect complement to give them the elegant and distinguished touch that is a trend for this type of places.

With a convenient sensor opening system, the glass sheets or drawer door open at the touch of the surface. In this way, you can easily access what is stored inside. Then, to close, just tap again.

Two systems available. In one of them the drawer is opened on its own, in the second one, the sheets of the glass shutter are raised completely allowing access to the entire interior of the furniture.

How do I activate the cabinet sensor?

To activate the kitchen cabinet sensor with smart door, simply tap next to its bottom sensor. When you place your hand on that sensor, the front will open or be divided into several sheets of glass. These slats will slide upwards in a smooth, quiet, bump-free motion.

Undoubtedly a modern, innovative and efficient motion technology.

The main advantages of the cabinet with sensor for kitchens

Gabinete de cocina con puerta plegable inteligente

Among its main advantages are…

  • Thanks to its sensor, the door or glass sheets open automatically. The entire interior of the furniture can be easily accessed.
  • It is made of high-quality materials which makes it a durable and functional hardware.
  • Soft, quiet closure prevents noise and shock.
  • The cabinet divided into two glass shelves can be adjusted according to each kitchen.
  • Easy installation, maintenance and cleaning.
  • Save space because everything is well organized.
  • The glossy finish of the cabinet gives it great appeal as well as an elegant aesthetic to the entire kitchen.
  • It is a magnificent ally for modern kitchens because it matches its aesthetic.



Technical cabinet details for kitchens with folding door

Gabinete de cocina con puerta plegable inteligente

We detail below the technical characteristics of the cabinet for kitchens with smart folding door:

  • Width of 600 mm. Two different heights of 720 and 780 mm.
  • Width of 900 mm. Two different heights of 720 and 780 mm.
  • 350mm cabinet depth.
  • Colors: black, white and nude.
  • Assembled furniture includes motor, sensor and shelves. The glass sheets are perfectly placed during installation.


The kitchen cabinet with smart folding door that you can import today with IBMH becomes the best ally of today’s kitchens. Remember that we are here to take care of all your imports of furniture hardware from China with the maximum guarantee of success. Contact us and we will give you all the details!