Key questions to use the KISS principle in your marketing strategy

The KISS principle comes from the English acronym ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid!’ which means: ‘make it simple, easy to understand’. It is widely used in the field of design that has more and more relevance in marketing actions. Do you think this principle would fit into your business strategy for your hardware company?

The KISS principle tells us that what works best is what is simple. Simplicity, therefore, is not one more part of any marketing strategy but a goal.

What the KISS principle is or why simplicity is the key to success

Don’t think it’s a current principle. It was first used in the United States Navy in 1960 with engineer Kelly Johnson.

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Don’t keep the last word, but the first word. With the word ‘simple’. Is your strategy simple? Are your communications also simple?

The simple is understood much better than the complex. It sells more, too. Or as the great thinkers would say…

‘Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can do something complicated. The hard part is doing something simple.’ Richard Branson. Without forgetting Einstein: ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible.’ Or Leonardo Da Vinci’s words: ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

As Eric Hoffer points out: ‘It’s not easy to understand the simple,’ nor apply it to your own company. That’s why you have to use a good strategy.

How to apply this principle in a hardware business, aspects to consider

You may already be using the KISS principle in the marketing actions of your hardware business but if not or you have doubts, here are the key aspects:

  • Communicate but only the necessary. No telling the more things the better. We must try to give clear answers to possible customer questions.
  • Optimizes the website. The structure of the corporate website should be easy to read and compress. Key buttons such as buy or contact buttons should be displayed immediately.
  • Marketing communications should also be governed by this principle. Stay away from the information overload.
  • Know the needs of the audience you’re targeting and tell them what products they can use to solved it.
  • The characteristics of these products you offer them should be complete but also simple, which leave no doubt.


Key questions to use the KISS principle in your marketing strategy

Answering these questions will be helpful in using the KISS principle in your marketing strategy:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What are your goals?
  3. What do you want to communicate?
  4. What communication channels will you use?
  5. What are the points to be improved?


Simplifying the message you want to communicate to your target will be the key to achieving your goals.

The KISS principle reminds us that the simplicity is linked to effectiveness and good results. And we remind you that another key to success is having a good partner. At IBMH we will take care of your imports of furniture hardware from China in the most professional way that exists. It’s that simple and that profitable for your business. Contact us today!