LED light with sensor for hinges

It’s the details which often convince the final customer how this simple and handy lighting accessory will be a success wherever they place it. We are referring to this LED light with sensor for hinges.

Kitchen cabinets or bedroom closets are excellent places to install this accessory.

Types of LED light with sensor for hingesLuz LED con sensor para bisagras

These small lights for closets and drawers can come in several forms:

Button sensor

The LED is attached to the hinge using a screw. When the door is closed, this presses on the hinge sensor and turns off the light. In this way, it stays off as long as the door is shut.

Light and movement sensor

You can also find LED lights for hinges with sensors that will turn on when they sense light or movement.

Complete affordability with the LED light with sensor for hinges

This accessory is inexpensive and easy to install. For this reason, it can be conveniently used in drawers or cabinets in areas with poor lighting. Also, the ability to use them at night without having to turn the main lights on is an appealing idea. Furthermore, if there is a power outage, they will help you to find everything you need, making them useful in emergency situations as well.

LED light is a high-quality, energy-efficient light that has many more hours of useful life than a normal lightbulb, even low-consumption bulbs. Plus, the LED for hinges doesn’t need to connect to electrical wiring, since it runs on batteries.


Having this LED light with sensor for hinges in your catalog is a great idea, and at IBMH, we encourage you to request a quote to add it to your offering. It will surprise you! Make sure you don’t miss out on this useful, very affordable accessory with invaluable functionality in daily life.