Cutlery inserts and kitchen accessories in bambooIn this occasion, when we talk about “featured product”, in singular, is incorrect because today we will recommend a complete program: cutlery inserts and bamboo kitchen accessories. First of all, we would like to corroborate with you some details that you have already noticed. Because, if you are a professional in the hardware industry and you like it:

For sure, you should be impressed of that there are many accessories made of bamboo. It is a clear market trend and is part of our catalogue of products successfully managed for our international customers.

Cutlery inserts and bamboo kitchen accessories are fashionable

Cutlery inserts and kitchen accessories in bamboo

So far, these kinds of items are usually manufactured in solid wood or chipboard, also called MDF. But the kitchen is usually a stay in which the heat and humidity is usually present so that the wood is not usually the most suitable material.

Wood provides a warmth, but depending on how it can be associated with low quality economic product. And although we all like it, we must also think about its flaws:

  • • Usually absorb moisture, expand and modify their appearance.
  • • They are not water resistant and damaged.

What are the advantages of making cutlery inserts and bamboo kitchen accessories?

Bamboo has not been unseated long ago to other materials, because it has a number of features that make it very interesting:

  • • It is resistant, reputed to be the “vegetable steel”
  • • Eco-friendly.
  • • Very versatile.

For Chinese manufacturers it is an appreciated material because it is a wood that is very easy to handle and offers little resistance. In this way they can produce very diverse products:

  • • Cutlery inserts
  • • Drawer organizers
  • • Silversmiths

Cutlery inserts and kitchen accessories in bamboo

At IBMH we have several samples of this material, all of them very economical and certainly very suitable for our customers. We have given them form with different uses and to present it to our clients… Everyone was pleasantly surprised! The saving is substantial with respect to the wood and it improves the quality and the durability of the products. To present a development like this: novel, practical and economic is a success.

As we have done with these cutlery inserts and bamboo kitchen accessories, you should know that at IBMH we are experts in new developments. So, if you plan to start a program in China, we are your office! We are waiting for you in Guangzhou!