The “Hardware for Swing Sofa Beds” is another featured IBMH product

This time we bring you a recommendation that you cannot miss in your hardware catalog. This is hardware models for swing sofa beds made of the highest quality and strength materials that you can import through IBMH’s professional management. Designed to adjust the backrest of the sofa and turn it into a bed, or to fold-down a bed, this new mechanism of our line of Hardware and Accessories for Swing Sofa Beds will become a product much demanded by your customers.

 This is IBMH’s hardware for swing sofa beds

You can now import from China, with IBMH, which will be your new hardware. Why are bed hardware a Hot Product for us? Because…

  • It is a sofa bed hardware and a bed component made of 2.5mm sheet steel of the highest strength and quality.
  • The bed mechanism and structure set consist of two pieces. The left side and the right side. Each one uses its own gear part of several predefined positions for easy adjustment. It can be located at the ends of the sofa bed. Or in the backrest area, one on the right and one on the left, so you can recline it.
  • Its reinforced design ensures greater strength when placed on the backrest in each of the different positions. This results in a much longer lifespan.
  • The electrophoretic paint finish of the swing sofa bed hardware applied in all parts of the system gives this hardware greater resistance against oxidation. Available, on request, in zinc yellow.
  • Suitable also for two-seater vertical fold-down beds.


The technical characteristics of the fold-down sofa system

The fold-down bed hardware embedded in the furniture you can import from China with IBMH is designed to meet every single requirement demanded by today’s customers.

  1. There are several models of this Chinese hardware for beds that adapt to the manufacture of different configurations of sofa beds, bed parts, mechanisms and structures for beds, as well as canapé hardware.
  2. The hardware makes the mechanism smooth, quiet and easy to operate.
  3. Two configurations stand out. One with positions for the backrest of 105º – 135º and 180º. The second one with positions of 107º – 135º – 160º and 180º of different sizes to choose from.
  4. The combinations of the swing sofa bed hardware for the different furniture are possible thanks to the hardware displacement system.



Some of the advantages of sofa bed components that you can import with IBMH

Swing sofa bed hardware is a furniture versatile and very functional component. With just a few movements you can convert a sofa into a bed and vice versa.

  • Sofa bed hinges allow you to have the same furniture for two different functions. Something that is useful to save space without losing comfort.
  • It is ideal for apartments with small rooms, although it can also be used for different things, for example, in guest rooms or in workspaces.
  • The proper functioning of the system with which it is manufactured makes its installation very simple.
  • As it is a quality swing sofa bed hardware with a nice design, it will not interfere with the aesthetics of the house. Just the opposite! It offers an innovative design that won’t go unnoticed.

Swing sofa bed hardware is one of the most demanded by furniture manufacturers today, so it is essential to have it in your hardware catalog. Having IBMH’s management for this and all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China is synonymous with peace of mind and success. Contact us today! and we’ll let you know everything we can do for your business.