You are thinking about making an import business China, but you are used to follow the Western cultural processes during the negotiation process. Thus, the fruits that you collect can be much poorer than expected. 

Below we explain the large differences between doing business in China and doing them in any country of the West. With this brief guide, you will be ready to make your first dive in the Asian giant without look like a novice.

1- Start the negotiation in China with a manufacturer or supplier is a time to show respect and openness to be flexible during the negotiation. In a meeting with a European colleague, you would use a handshake. In China, on the other hand, you must perform a slight tilt of the head and the torso greeting and saying goodbye. In this way you will show respect.


2 – While you are speaking, try to express your ideas in a simple and direct way, and always getting a positive feedback. You should never leave anything out and contrasts your requirements often with your partner.


3 – If the negotiation continues until lunchtime, remember not to mention labor at this time. For the Chinese, the meal is to relax. If, on the other hand, you were in Europe, probably this time would serve to close the deal. Nor it is recommended that you talk about political or ideological issues, to prevent certain misunderstandings.


4 – Finally, try to close the meeting getting that your Chinese provider trust in you. Keep in mind that Chinese entrepreneurs look carefully how you behave, they will want to know very well your methodology and your values.