As you may know, multimedia technique and electronic auxiliaries every day gain more ground in the world of Interior Design. The concept of interior decoration offers, increasingly, alternative possibilities to establish the power supply, or access to the data. It is about simplify and beautify the traditional form of access to a mains supply.

Therefore, we are proud to present you one of the most outstanding products in China managed by IBMH: telescopic plugs.


It is a fashionable, elegant and simple solution, to save space in the plugs installation. Lifting telescopic plugs are especially designed for kitchens orientated to the design, as well as offices, meeting rooms, etc. Just pressing the button, this type of fittings shows its plug boxes, network connections and USB connection options.


Among its many features, it includes safe and invisible wiring under the work surface and a retractable plugs box which is hidden in the table top or countertop. When you no longer need the power and data connections, plugs tower are manually embedding into its original position.


In addition, the system can be configured with the following to choose: USB, HDMI, audio jack, etc.


Consultation this product here and take a look at the following video.

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