This line of hardware for folding beds  is incredibly functional, because with just a couple of simple movements, we can turn a bed into desktop and vice versa, transform a table into bed without having to pick it up previously. A so-called wall with shelves, we turn it into a large bed. Or a so-called traditional sofa, we turn it into a fantastic desktop.

This large number of combinations, is possible thanks to the exclusive system of displacement of these ingenious hardware. There are many possibilities of combinations and different applications and we are sure that all of them will surprise you.


It is about to have a same furniture for two different applications, being the ideal solution for any place where space is particularly limited, as small studios, apartments and small houses, although in reality, thanks to its sophisticated system and innovation, it is a solution that everyone like, so it can be used in any type of housing, for example the kids’ bedroom, apartments for students, guest bedrooms, guard rooms in hospitals, hotels, for construction of caravans and boats, and in general for any place with space limitations, or where the bed is only occasionally used.


Its features include to allow the tabletop to be kept in horizontal position and to descend gently without that nothing will fall to the ground. On the other hand, when you want to get off the bed, between this and the desktop there is sufficient space to work comfortably.

At IBMH we have extensive experience in the purchasing management in China of these innovative systems and hardware, which allow you to create incredibly functional furniture in your destination country.

If you are interested in buying the furniture 100% finished in KIT format from China, also from IBMH we have a great prior experience in the purchasing management of these furniture completely finished, being ideal for market them at the retail level.

Have a look to our product video!