The knob locks from IBMHCORP we have managed to develop together with several Chinese hardware manufacturers, have many differentiating variables regarding conventional doorknob locks for market in China.

We are going to name a few technical details at the reference level. It will surely serve to realize the innumerable technical details that must be taken into account when assessing the purchase of this line of hardware.

The international buyer usually only worries about the price, without realizing that a doorknob lock is really like a puzzle and that depending on the quality of the parts or components that you use to make up this hardware, this will directly determine the quality of the final product and thus the durability, resistance or functionality.

It should be taken into account that the thickness of the doors is not the same in all countries. We must specify to Chinese hardware manufacturers, as it is relatively important when buying a doorknob lock. The higher the adjustment range is, the greater the range of doors in which de doorknob lock could be installed.

From IBMHCORP we recommend, together with the manufacturers of Chinese hardware that the regulations oscillate from 30 mm to 50 mm thick versus others that only reach up to 45 mm, therefore, when it is installed for example in doors of 45 mm thick, they are at the top of its tolerance, allowing the total weakening of the hardware during its continued use over time.

The latch of the locks that from IBMHCORP we recommend to all our international clients, they have a greater thickness to the common of the doorknob locks, since it is a very sensitive and important part of the lock, it is the one that is always in contact and receiving blows with each closure, therefore, we have added a circular pin to the latch in order to guide better and give more firmness in each opening and closing, achieving better performance in the long term and also providing a great security to a possible theft.

Internally, we have dismembered dozens of locks looking for where to apply improvements and we have implemented several of them, for example, the inner cylinder that joins both knobs contains a specially shaped hitch to have a much better traction and resistance to reverse forces (when a knob opens to one side, and the other knob to the opposite side), likewise, the internal plates that rotate to open and close the latch is made of a metal much more resistant than the other locks.

We have worked very well with Chinese hardware manufacturers, adding value in the key parts of their operation in order to make the best quality at the lowest cost.

Such as the quality of stainless steels used in the manufacture of doorknob locks, since usually the Chinese manufacturers tell us that their product is an AISI 201, or an AISI 304, but they are actually fooling us, because the important thing in any case is the content in Nickel and Chrome that the Alloy of Steel has, since finally these components are those that determine with exactitude the final quality of the raw material that has been used for the manufacture of these doorknobs locks.

It should be taken into account that the internal cylinders can be made of brass, aluminum or zamak, and that depending on the raw material used, that not only will determine the quality and durability of the whole door lock assembly, but it will also directly determine the number of different combinations between different cylinders, since for example the brass cylinders have a greater number of pins, therefore many more combinations of opening, what makes it a final hardware of a higher quality and safety.

It is the same situation for the opening keys, as it cannot be the same that the keys are made of brass for Chinese hardware manufacturers, as made of iron.

There are many more technical details that determine that a lock can be considered of good quality, high performance and suitable for use in high traffic places, but without a doubt from IBMHCORP we know perfectly the qualities of the different components that form a doorknob lock, thanks to our Chinese hardware manufacturers, therefore, always depending on customer’s Target Price, we will always try to find the best possible combination of the different components with the idea of always getting the best quality, taking into account the economic budget of each client.