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Recently, we talked about the importance of organizing your product selection to determine if the scope of your catalog is profitable or not. On this occasion, we would like you to keep this concept in mind, because we are going to introduce a very attractive product, and you should take this into account before making a decision. It won’t be an easy one. We know that, eventually, you will want to expand your hardware selection with the premium hinge.

In any business specializing in the distribution of hardware for furniture, it is essential to have a complete, curated selection of hinges in order to cover the needs of your market. We have a few good reasons why you might want to expand your hardware selection with the premium hinge.

6 reasons to expand your hardware selection with the premium hinge



It has a buffering mechanism which, apart from being very attractive, is a simple solution for unpleasant door slamming.

Easy door alignment

With its three-dimensional base using just one screw, it allows for easy adjustment in 3 dimensions:

  • – Depth
  • – Height
  • – Width

This aspect is critical for aligning all the doors of a piece of furniture. Occasionally, when mounting the doors, they are left uneven and the user has to make the appropriate adjustments in order to fit them correctly. But with the premium hinge and its 3D adjustments, this task is extremely quick and simple. Just turn a few screws for each dimension to be adjusted, and you’re all set.

Fully adjustable

Carpentry experts are amazed by the simple handling of these hinges. Thanks to their smooth adjustments, this can be done by a single person, without the need for someone else to hold the door while it is being adjusted.


This means that there is displacement in both directions, preventing the wear and tear that is common in regular hinges, caused by the bounce and lever effect of one-way hinges. In other words, this wear is the result of:

  • – Forcing the door completely open
  • – Exerting pressure on the lateral fastening screws of the furniture
  • – Deteriorated screws that come loose

Base with large contact surface area

Making impossible any back and forth movement.

Extremely durable and of superior quality

Thanks to its two-way displacement, large surface area and the depth of the hinge cup (always 13 mm).

After analyzing all of its advantages, we can confidently say that:

  • – It is one of the best hinges that can be imported from hardware manufacturers in China.
  • – It is comparable to famous European brands.


What do you think? Are you curious to expand your hardware selection with the premium hinge? If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.