At IBMH, we take our growth and that of all our clients very seriously. That is why we are constantly investing in human and technological resources. Strategic purchase management for furniture and construction hardware in China is a comprehensive service that depends on good results from many different departments. On this occasion, it is the Quality Department that is rolling out the red carpet to welcome Nivardo Trejo Vera.


Who is Nivardo?

strategic purchase management in China

Throughout his education and ample experience in industrial production processes and development, he has worked in middle management in different companies. For example, he has had direct involvement in the quality control processes of companies dedicated to steel and steel working, the injection of plastics and the assembly of household appliances. He always has been collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and with national and international firms.

Originally from Mexico, born in Hidalgo, he was living with his family in Queretaro when the opportunity to embark on this project with IBMH arose.





IBMH: What did you know about IBMH before arriving here?

IBMH was my supplier when I was working in Queretaro, in Mexico. The director of IBMH and I have collaborated very closely in the search for solutions to problems with the quality of products being purchased.

IBMH: Did you know about IBMH’s activities in strategic purchase management for furniture and construction hardware in China? Yes, for several years now. I always thought they did a great job.

IBMH: In your opinion, does quality management only pay attention to the improvement of a product’s quality? What secondary benefits are contributed by good work in quality control?

No. The management at IBMH pays attention broadly to improving the quality of all the products that are managed. And there are many benefits offered by good work in the Quality Department:

  • Business growth is guaranteed with good quality control work.
  • Satisfied customers will make repeat purchases.
  • Suppliers grow along with IBMH’s management.

IBMH: Do you think the quality process is incumbent only upon the department designated for it?

Of course not! Quality depends on the daily tasks of everyone who participates in IBMH.

IBMH: How did you get the opportunity to join this team?

I was invited by the CEO of the company, who knew my work because we collaborated in Mexico, when I was on the other side of the table as a client of IBMH.



IBMH: You’re coming to reinforce a vital department for all clients who leave their strategic purchase management in China in the hands of IBMH. With this in mind, what will your role be within the quality team?

My first function is to ensure that the IBMH work system doesn’t have any flaws that would cause errors in the jobs that it carries out. Ensuring that our clients receive their products without quality issues. Following that but at the same time, my function is to guarantee the processes of manufacturing and delivery of the products for our clients and to verify that the necessary actions are taken to remove the causes of any problems.

IBMH: What skills do you think you have that allow you to do your job well?

Besides personal skills, without a doubt, my ten years of experience in quality control activities in the furniture hardware industry, and another ten years in companies in other manufacturing industries, help a lot! The fact that I am familiar with the techniques that eliminate the causes of issues gives me additional security in my work, making it more intuitive and effective.

In addition to current regulations which apply to quality standards, such as:

IBMH: Would you say that finding defects in production is a “divine gift”? If so, do you have it?

It isn’t necessarily a “divine gift”; it’s a skill that you acquire with experience and lots of focus. I don’t know if it’s a skill or lots of experience, but it is definitely necessary to find defects in production. I will be delighted to share that skill with all of my colleagues.



IBMH: What would you like the entire IBMH team to do for you in these first months?

Well, I’m going to need their support, day in and day out, support that I am already getting and which I greatly appreciate. And, well… I would also say, for them to prepare to experience a bigger number of improvements in the IBMH system! As they already know, excellence entails evolution, and there is no evolution without change. And, like them, I am prepared to contribute to that.

IBMH: If you could have one wish right now related to your work, what would you wish for?

For every one of our suppliers to focus on increasing their quality and meeting international standards.

IBMH: Within strategic purchase management in China and, more specifically, the Quality Department, where do you see yourself in 5 years? In what direction would you like to steer your career?

I don’t know, but before 3 years I would like to see the quality team offer IBMH sustained growth. And for that growth to be based on guaranteed quality for our clients.


Welcome to the team, and we hope you enjoy this adventure filled with opportunities. Thank you!