How to Avoid Organizational Silos and Improve Departmental Connections

Good communication within the company is necessary for the achievement of the objectives, as well as for an excellent working environment. However, in many companies there are still organizational silos that complicate departmental connections. Do you want to know how to remove these barriers? We’ll tell you!

What are organizational silos and what happens if they are eliminated

Organizational silos are barriers that separate work teams. But not understood as physical barriers, but as elements that disconnect workers from each other. They hinder collaboration, communication and cause each department to move in a different direction.

By eliminating silos, it is possible to improve performance, productivity and increase the feeling of belonging to the company. In turn, more efficient and motivated teams are achieved because they work in tune. A global vision is achieved, time and costs are saved, and the company’s objectives are achieved more quickly. It has many advantages!

Keys to eliminate silos in the company

And also, to improve departmental connections. And, by eliminating barriers between departments, everything is easier and more productive.

1 Silos should be addressed from top to bottom

If, after observing that organizational silos are created because of leadership, we must ensure that executives bet on a unified vision of the company. It is everyone’s task to understand the importance of the concept of collaborative and teamwork. Equally useful is to encourage debate, freedom of ideas and active listening through meetings involving employees and managers.

2 Provides proper access to information

Work teams having access to general information, and not only to that of their department, will make them better able to perform their work. And offer a better service to customers. But they will also become more decisive when looking for solutions or contributing ideas.

3 Analysis of information

Access to information is as important as the fact of knowing how to make a good reading or analysis. It is about turning this data into something useful for the company. That is why more and more companies are betting on technologies for real-time data analysis.

4 Promotes communication between departments

Another key point when it comes to eliminating organizational silos is to achieve fluid communication between teams and different departments. To do this, it proposes a strategy to improve communication, simplify and improve communication channels. It allows them to express their ideas to other teams, help each other and delegates decision-making whenever feasible.

5 A complete view of the company

In the case of larger companies, it is very easy for each department to end up following its own line of work. To avoid organizational silos, ensure that all teams are up to date with the objectives and always keep in mind what is the philosophy and vision of the company to which they belong. Having a complete and unified vision will bring great benefits. For example, when communicating with customers or demonstrating the products and services offered.

Good departmental connections are very useful for the proper functioning of businesses. And what do you do in your company to avoid silos?

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