furniture hardware distributors who will attend Interzum Guangzhou 2018

If you belong to the industrial sector, and in particular, if you are among the furniture hardware distributors who will attend Interzum Guangzhou 2018: we have something important to tell you that will help you on your trip.

A bit of history and context                                 

Before getting started, we’d like to give a brief overview of this major international fair for machinery, furniture manufacturing and interior design. This year marks the 41st edition and will include numerous national and international brands, promising huge business opportunities for all attendees.

According to last year’s numbers, the number of visitors increased by more than 25%. It’s clear that the global market is growing, along with interest in the production of furniture that is innovative, efficient and attractive. Interzum Guangzhou 2018 is a good barometer to assess our industry and to propose new and more ambitious objectives for our businesses.

We all know that a company can only grow if it has the right support. Many of you come to Guangzhou in search of a good supplier: a partner who can add value to your business. But…

How do you know which company is right for you?

We know this because we see it so often: it really is hard to pick out the ideal supplier.

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is what many of our current clients tell us. Many of them came to CIFM/Interzum in search of the right collaborator and, on some occasions, they got it wrong. They didn’t choose well.

But getting it wrong is simply a part of growing; the worst part was having to waste a lot of time and money and creating a sense of distrust that “jammed up” business.

For that reason, we want to send a message to furniture hardware distributors who will attend Interzum Guangzhou 2018:

“IBMH can resolve these issues while also adding a distinctive value to the business.”

Why IBMH is the collaborator you really need

  • • At IBMH, we audit large manufacturers located all throughout the country. We make detailed files with their strengths: specialties, production type and capacity, etc.
  • • The manufacturers that are audited by our experts aren’t just the ones you can find at industry fairs. Our team is dedicated to finding good suppliers wherever they may be.
  • • We make surprise and periodic visits to all manufacturers. Therefore, we ensure that the level of quality is consistent during the entire production process.
  • • We are able to obtain very favorable arrangements. The key is the extremely high purchase volume made possible by the joint negotiation of all of our clients.
  • • We always have your best interests in mind, completely independent from the manufacturers.

We are experts, specialists and innovators, and we are at your service. If you are one of the furniture hardware distributors who will attend Interzum Guangzhou 2018…

Come see us on your next trip to Guangzhou!