quality in hardware management in ChinaBefore we can talk about quality in hardware management in China, we need to start from the beginning. Originally, quality was simply the innate characteristics of an object that allowed it to be compared with another. That concept has become more sophisticated and even professionalized. Now, quality is perceived in both products and services. It is “created”, “conceived” and “maintained” under strict authority.

How can we define “quality”?

For better or worse, the word “quality” is linked to the expectations we have associated with a particular product or service. These expectations originate from:

  • • Our own previous experiences
  • • Other people’s experiences
  • • Advertising, literature, film…
  • • Each person’s own personality

These expectations are not always met, since it will depend on how realistic and accessible they are. Because of this, it is very important to have impartial bodies which use generalized guidelines to assess and evaluate the quality of products and services. The international ISO standards define the term as, “The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.”

There are many other definitions of quality, each with its own different philosophy. This variety of ideas and approaches makes us reflect on the complexity and breadth of this term that is so commonly used these days.

So, having said that, you might ask: does quality in hardware management in China really exist? And without a doubt, our answer is: yes! Everything has some degree of quality, but it is when comparisons are made that only a few stand out.

Quality has existed ever since mankind has had the ability to reason. For example, in prehistoric times, a wagon wheel had sufficient quality if it was able to hold its load and roll. But such meager quality standards would be unacceptable in our day and age.

What is today’s situation with quality in hardware management in China?

Obviously, there are some who are content to establish certain characteristics for their product or service, and say that they have provided a sufficient level of quality. On the other hand, there are others who are always looking to meet higher standards.

In our globalized world and within quality in hardware management in China, a “totality of features and characteristics” has been established. That is, different qualities have been established for a given type of product or service. This “quality grades” are very closely linked to the free competition in which we live.

At IBMH, we know the breadth and sophistication that quality can be assigned to. Furthermore, since we know it is a term with many definitions, we work to provide the highest standards in our service. How?

  • • Understanding our clients’ expectations
  • • Always looking for ways to stay one step ahead

At IBMH, we strive each day to be the best option for managing your furniture and construction hardware imports. Learn more about us!