the best Sourcing service for our clients in the furniture hardware industry

Today, we’d like to introduce JANE HUANGand MANDY LI, our two new Sourcing Officers who have arrived with all the energy and motivation to give it their best. At IBMH Guangzhou, we are very happy to have them with us. Without a doubt, they will contribute to providing the best Sourcing service for our clients in the furniture hardware industry.

For us, the added value which undoubtedly sets us apart is our team. A multidisciplinary team of professionals capable of improving any project they get their hands on.

That’s why we want you to get to know a bit about these two great professionals who have joined IBMH.

A bit about Jane Huang and Mandy Li…

Mandy graduated in 2009 from the Guangdong University of Finance majoring in Commerce English. On the other hand, Jane graduated in 2014 from Business College Guangdong University of Technology with a master’s in Business English.

Both of them worked together at an international company specializing in high-end tableware. Mandy began working as a Purchase Officer, and then moved to a different department and became Customer Service and Logistics Manager. Jane was in charge of managing and coordinating new requests, tracking production and updating the status of each order for the end customer.

Mandy is a music fan and she loves life in the big city, like Guangzhou. But at least twice a year, she goes back to her home city, Yunfu, to see her family.

Jane is a big fan of Cantonese food, enjoys nature and loves basketball. She likes to read and go out with friends. She also likes to go shopping or to the cinema, and she’s devoted to her family and her beautiful coastal city of Shanwei on Honghai Bay.

Honghai Bay

Ready to offer the best Sourcing service for our clients in the furniture hardware industry

IBMH: Welcome, Mandy and Jane! What are your first impressions in the new Department of Strategic Sourcing?

MANDY: Very good. I get the impression I’ve learned a lot in very little time… in the time that I’ve been working here… and I’m eager to keep learning.

JANE: I’m very pleased, and like Mandy, I feel like I’ve advanced a lot in a short time. My coworkers are great professionals from whom I’m learning a lot and my problem solving abilities have improved enormously in a short time.

IBMH: What are your functions within the IBMH Sourcing team?

MANDY: Our main functions are searching for new manufacturers of innovative products to recommend to our clients, and searching for alternative manufacturers for the most in-demand products.

JANE: Yes, the search for alternative manufacturers for the products we manage most often is very important for IBMH’s clients because new factories pop up each year out of nowhere with more competitive prices, so we have to be on constant alert.

IBMH: Did you know about IBMH and the work we do beforehand?

JANE: Not much, the company I worked at before was specialized in a very different field.

MANDY: …the same as Jane, because of the industry I worked in before, I didn’t know much about the work of IBMH, to be honest.

Our first impressions…

IBMH: What most attracted you to work for IBMH?

MANDY: I saw big opportunities and a great challenge for me, not just professionally but personally. When I came to the interview for the Sourcing Officer position, I remember that I loved the office, the work environment and how nice everyone was.

JANE: Yes, it’s a great opportunity for me as well, and a very important challenge for my career. It’s a big step that I’ve taken and one I’m completely sure about. The work environment is really great and everyone is attentive and ready to help. I already feel like part of the family! They’ve made us feel welcome since day one.

IBMH: What do you think you will be able to contribute to this team?

JANE: Mainly my excellent communication and negotiation skills.

MANDY: I think, like Jane, I can contribute many things to the team: my experience, my patience, my great communication skills. I work well under pressure and I love to work as a team. I learn quickly and in a short time I’ll be able to do my job efficiently.

And looking towards the future…

IBMH: What do you think the strategic purchase management offered by IBMH will be like in the future?

JANE: Really, I think that the big jump towards the future was the one that we made this year in separating the old IBMH purchase team into 2 individual departments, each with its specific function:

– PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT: in charge of daily communication and negotiations with the manufacturers. This team focuses only on administrating the regular purchases of our actual clients.

– STRATEGIC SOURCING: Focused on the search for new products and new and alternative factories.

Plus, I think the idea of having our own brand of products in the future could also be a good growth strategy for IBMH.

IBMH: How do you think the hardware and construction and furniture accessories industry will evolve?

MANDY: The hardware industry in China is constantly developing, and although it’s possible that I haven’t been in the business long enough to know it in-depth, I see an industry with a great future trajectory.

Chinese factories are increasingly innovative with their products. Another industry that is growing a lot is DIY home improvement (small containers, printed colored boxes, etc.), and that is definitely good for the hardware industry.

Your experience at the Canton fair…

IBMH: And last but not least, could you share with us your first experience at the Canton fair?

MANDY: First of all, I’d like to say that it wasn’t my first time, but actually the fourth time I have been to the Canton fair. I went in 2008, 2009 and 2010 as a translator. But this time, my first time as a member of IBMH, I had a much more gratifying experience. I learned a lot about products and in general it was great training for me.

JANE: It wasn’t the first time for me, either. Before, I was at the Canton fair like Mandy, as a translator in 2013. On this occasion, I found the experience to be completely different and it provided me with great knowledge to carry out my work.


Thanks so much, Mandy and Jane! We’re sure you’ll be a great asset to offer the best Sourcing service for our clients in the furniture hardware industry.

We’re happy to have you with us. We wish you lots of luck in your new positions and a long career with IBMH!