Portable drill for hidden hinge, is the new featured product of IBMH

Among our featured products are the hidden hinge with which to install doors of different furniture, of great utility and quality. But what we come to talk about today is the new portable hinge drill. The perfect solution to the problem of drilling properly for manual assembly.

At IBMH we know exactly the Chinese manufacturers of Hinges and Accessories that manufacture with the best quality and above all with a constant quality. Discover all its features and advantages.

How the portable drill for hidden hinge is

The portable drill for hidden hinge is used to make the necessary perforations and thus be able to insert the hidden hinges on wood without margin of error. One of its great advantages is that it is portable, that is, it can be taken to the place where the furniture is going to be installed to work with the greatest accuracy and without the product losing quality.

The cutting bits of the portable drill make, with great precision, the perforations for the insertion of the hinges on wood, chipboard or MDF without risk of making mistakes. And no, it does not have to be from the hands of a professional. The ordinary customer can easily work with this drill.

Uses and utilities of the drill and bits that you can import with IBMH

As we mentioned before, the equipment can be easily taken to perform outdoor work. The machine has two 2mm guide bits for drilling the reference holes of the fixing screws. As well as a 35mm drill bit for drilling the hinge bowl.

It is very useful when making the perforations for the insertion of the hinges correctly. Also, at the time that it does not present any inconvenience when assembling the door to the furniture.

Technical characteristics of the portable drill for hidden hinge

As for the features we highlight:

  • It is made of steel and high-quality electrical materials.
  • Its engine works at 2800 or 3000 rpm.
  • It has a three-headed spindle. Drill at the same time all the holes for the assembly of a hinge.
  • Maximum drilling depth: 64mm
  • It can be manufactured according to customer requirements, as well as to adapt to different international markets.
  • Its useful life is at least 10 years under conditions of regular use and maintenance.
  • The portable drill should not be used to drill into materials such as plaster, cement, brick or aluminum.


IBMH’s China Strategic Purchasing Management Service

With IBMH’s professional management you can import and incorporate into your catalog hinges and portable drill for hinges like this one. Machines for hinges and carpentry workshop material and equipment, as well as an extensive variety of hardware for furniture and construction. A company specialist in the hardware market and with more than 25 years of experience with a high technical knowledge in these products, is a guarantee of success.

Our team will oversee reducing incidents, negotiating on your behalf. We fully and strategically manage the entire hardware import business. At IBMH we collaborate only with the best and most reliable suppliers in China. Thanks to the Purchasing Sourcing and the exhaustive Quality Control carried out by our team, you will be able to see how the profitability of your business increases without worrying about anything else. Contact us today and we will give you all the details!