Melamine Edge Punch Pliers: A New Highlighted Product from IBMH

At IBMH, we are excited to introduce our flagship product – Melamine Edge Punch Pliers. These pliers are designed to help you create covers for hiding screw heads used to join melamine furniture panels. A highly practical tool for woodworking workshops, it is easy to use and delivers exceptional results. Curious to learn more? Keep reading!

The pliers, now available for inclusion in your hardware catalog with IBMH’s professional management, are designed to trim circular disks from melamine edges. These circular disks serve the purpose of concealing the screw heads that connect furniture panels, leaving them virtually invisible.

How IBMH’s Melamine Edge Punch Pliers Work

 As we were mentioning, these pliers are easy to use and incredibly practical when it comes to enhancing the final finish of furniture or drawers. Thanks to them, you can cover the heads of screws that remain internal in wood pieces and other materials, achieving a flawless result. This is something that end customers will undoubtedly appreciate.

With this tool, you can trim circular disks in sizes of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm, as it comes in various dimensions. Additionally, it features an adjustable scale, allowing for precise centering on edges of different widths, and the cutting head doesn’t deform the trimmed circle.

Technical features you should be aware of

 Alicates perforadores de cantos de melamina

Here are the technical aspects you should consider regarding the edge punch pliers:

  • They are crafted from steel and zinc alloy material, making them sturdy and highly durable.
  • Dimensions: 157 x 95 millimeters, making them compact and easy to handle.
  • High-durability cutting punch for prolonged use.
  • Features a thick spring, ensuring high resistance.
  • Adjustable range of up to 25mm.


Advantages of the edge punch pliers: Why are they a useful and functional accessory?

In terms of their main advantages, it’s important to note that these pliers are effective and practical.

  • Robust construction with an anti-slip cover to protect the surfaces it’s used on.
  • Manual operation with an intuitively simple learning curve – just apply slight pressure to use.
  • Ideal for giving furniture and drawers a beautiful finish.
  • The semi-curved design of the punch head prevents deformation of the cut disk, providing a significant advantage in terms of ease of use and the durability of the pliers.

To discover more applications and advantages of incorporating edge punch pliers and similar products into your catalog with IBMH. You can consult with our experts! They will be at your disposal for more information and guidance.

Remember that our team is also here to handle all your furniture and construction hardware imports from China, ensuring guaranteed success and maximum professionalism. Contact us today. At IBMH, we support your business.