Import from China with IBMH the Motorized Telescopic Tower Plug

Today we are pleased to present the motorized telescopic plug tower. Designed to facilitate the organization of the end customer both in the kitchen and in the workplace or any other space where an electrical connection is necessary. Its great advantage is its motorized extraction that is activated by just touching. But in addition, it has many other features that we are going to discover below.

How the motorized telescopic tower plug is

In addition to providing a practical solution in terms of saving space and comfort, the motorized telescopic tower plug has an elegant and modern design compared to conventional plugs. The plug tower is hidden on the countertop or dashboard and comes to the surface at the push of the button. When the connections are no longer needed, the plug tower is hidden again. In other words, with just a light touch, plugs, network connections and USB ports will be available for use.

The motorized telescopic tower plug includes 3 electrical outlets plus two USB ports. But its main appeal is that it will no longer be necessary to push to release a mechanism and then pull the tower to extract it. Now it only takes a light touch for the motorized mechanism to raise the tower. To be able to make connections safely.

 Technical characteristics of this new product that you can already import with IBMH

We detail below the technical aspects of the motorized telescopic tower plug. A product that you can incorporate into your catalog through IBMH’s professional management:

  • Manufactured with structural and electrical materials of the best durability and the highest quality.
  • These and other components for furniture also comply with international regulations and standards that guarantee not to generate discharge or electrical failure of the device. Even in the most adverse conditions set by this regulation.
  • This model has three connections for the European market: 3 euro socket. 2 USB chargers – 5V. 3 wire power cable x 1.5mm2. But it can be configured for any other market.
  • Its touch aperture makes it easy and convenient to use.
  • The motorized telescopic tower plug features a light indicator at the top that indicates the off or on status.

In the following video you can see it operating and how easy it can be installed:

The advantages of adding the motorized telescopic tower plug to your catalog

Torre de Enchufes Telescópica Motorizada

Among the many advantages of this lighting accessory and electronic devices include:

  1. Secure and invisible wiring is achieved under the worktable. Goodbye to the clutter of cables!
  2. Thanks to its motorized mechanism of extraction of the large multi-contact tower, the process can be controlled much better avoiding possible damage by tapping.
  3. It is the perfect solution for worktables, especially for those with little space.
  4. If an object gets in the way of opening or closing, the mechanism shall detect it. It will stop immediately as a security measure.
  5. The motorized telescopic tower plug has a light that indicates when the device is active.


At IBMH we take care that you can incorporate hardware and accessories like this into your catalog. But in addition, we can be your Strategic Purchasing Management Office in China. IBMH not only guarantees a good purchase price but also a comprehensive service that covers all the needs of companies that want to have successful business with China through our Purchasing Sourcing.  If you want to see how the profitability of your operations increases, contact us today!