LinkedIn an ally in your furniture hardware business

When we think of LinkedIn, most of us think of a personal brand image—a tool to establish fruitful professional relationships for our own careers. But it can also be very useful to make LinkedIn an ally in your furniture hardware business. For example, it can help you establish B2B (business to business) relationships: introduce your company, launch communications, generate traffic for your website, know what your competition is up to, and even attract talent.

It is true that LinkedIn is not a cheap resource, so you need to use it wisely. And we aren’t just talking in terms of money (LinkedIn Premium, campaigns), but also in terms of time invested. As always, you’ll have to be very clear about your objectives in order to define your strategy and make LinkedIn an ally in your furniture hardware business. Perhaps to hire new talent? Or to establish relationships with other businesses? Or maybe to help your sales team?

Key points to make LinkedIn an ally in your furniture hardware business


Below are a few tips that might help you once you have decided to work with this professional network:

Review your company profile

  • • Keep your profile active:

To create a company profile on LinkedIn, you need to invest time in sharing your own posts about your company, industry news, experiences, etc. You should also invite the members of your company to like and comment on the posts. Creating a profile only to leave it stagnant and out of date can do more harm than good.

  • • Optimize your profile’s SEO:

Make sure you use relevant keywords in the description of your company, fill in every field with pertinent information, and include links to your corporate website. All marketing experts agree that LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to drive traffic to your company’s website when used properly.

Plan your strategy

  • • LinkedIn to support communication campaigns:

Although not many people use it this way, LinkedIn is a very useful tool for spreading information about product launches and corporate announcements. It can perfectly complement a public relations strategy for your brand.

  • • To position you as an expert in your market niche:

In the world of furniture hardware, you have to find a creative solution to explain what makes you different from all the others. The solution involves identifying the solutions that your company offers that differentiates you from the rest, and positioning yourselves as experts.

By offering advice, participating in LinkedIn groups, and staying in contact with key businesses, you will ensure you stay at the top of your followers’ minds.

Invest in the tool to the extent possible

  • • Good results require an investment of time and money:

As has been noted, LinkedIn is not a cheap tool. The LinkedIn Premium profile alone for a furniture hardware company can cost €43-€73 a month. Even so, its creators claim that the cost per lead of LinkedIn Sponsored Content, the tool used to create information campaigns on LinkedIn, is 28% less than Google Ads. This, as always, will depend on whether there is a good strategy behind it. If not, you’ll just be throwing money away.

  • • Make sure you calculate your return on investment:

How many new contacts did your campaign generate? Did it help your sales team? Has traffic to the website grown? it’s true that campaigns take time and results are not seen in the short term. You need to measure all of these points to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. So that you don’t waste resources.

In a market as competitive as today’s, there is no doubt that you need to make use of all the available tools in order to ensure the success of your business. But, above all, you need the best professionals offering a comprehensive service for your furniture and construction imports from China.

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