Phantom providers are those who perform a sale and, when the order comes to you, the merchandise has been facilitated by another person. Have you have ever been in this situation?

When you first start to import in China, multiple cases of deception, misunderstandings and scams are produced. Many times, people without experience begin their odyssey in imports in China and meet several common mistakes. Many importers reported daily complaints regarding products from China. But many of these frustrations are avoidable. In fact, at IBMH you will learn how to import without making mistakes can be an easy, simple and a transparent process.

  1. Verify, analyze and pay: You should never pay a commodity without before seeing what the company is capable of producing. In this business it is advisable to rely on more than what the seller is telling you. Once you have analyzed all the products with your quality control company, request and approve a product sample. Finally, when you make your order, analyze the products they deliver you and not only samples. If you do not request a sample, you are working under the assumption that the supplier knows exactly what you want. And this is a big risk.

  1. Do not believe that the supplier fully understands your need: Communication is one of the main barriers when importing from a different country. And believe that a Chinese supplier fully understands your needs of supply is one of the most common errors in China.

  1. Try to give as many details as possible: The supplier should have the requirements of the product, such as the clarification that defects are acceptable or unacceptable, expectations for the inspection of the product, the requirements to submit and approve a sample of product and warranty and/or expectations of return. In addition, it is important to create and send a detailed list of QC to convey the needs and get feedback on what the supplier is able to offer you.