herrajes ahorra-espacio para camas abatibles

We live in an age where apartments keep getting smaller and smaller, and the cost per square meter keeps getting higher and higher. Because of this, the ability to optimize your space is essential in order to enjoy your home. Today, we introduce space-saver furniture hardware for fold-out beds. Undoubtedly, a trend that is on the rise in global markets.

Fold-out beds for everyone


In order for the consumer, whatever their budget, to enjoy their fold-out bed, manufacturers offer different solutions. They create product ranges with variable prices, adjusting the details in each one. For example, by:

  • • Increasing or decreasing the thickness of the back part, or not including this part
  • • Using manual or automatically positioning legs
  • • Creating lightweight or completely compact structures
  • • Making fold-out beds that are more or less prone to wobbling
  • • Pieces with restricted measurements or ones that adapt to any space

Variety in space-saver furniture hardware for fold-out beds


We know that manufacturers work hard to create products that will satisfy all types of consumers. In fact, they often achieve incredible feats with a huge range of price points.

The hardware is another detail that will affect the final price, and are assigned to one range of fold-out beds or another. But what no furniture manufacturer will ever achieve through IBMH is unsafe hardware just to bring the price down a bit. Never.

The goal of fold-out beds is to save space, but without a doubt, their primary obligation is to provide safety. At IBMH, we only manage:

  • • Products that have passed the pertinent certifications
  • • Products that have passed our meticulous internal testing

Malfunctioning hardware can lead to a fatal accident. At IBMH, we take our participation and responsibility in the manufacturing of the final product very seriously.

Components of space-saver furniture hardware for fold-out beds

Not all fold-out beds have the same components, but in general, we are referring to:

  • • Metal frame (same size as the bed to be installed)
  • • Legs (manual or automatic: gravity auto-positioning with anti-close lock)
  • • Manual or automatic hinges with hydraulic pistons for safer opening and closing
  • • Structures with floor levels to prevent disruptions due to movement
  • • And, of course, a wide variety of plastic parts, screws and other materials for installation

These pieces of furniture have a fresh, modern look and conceal a comfy bed inside. At IBMH, we have seen that the management of this type of space-saver furniture hardware for fold-out beds is increasing demand for them. What are you waiting for?