Featured product: Removable to store bread and some bottles

On this occasion we would like to present our new featured product. It is a practical and useful removable kitchen bottle rack-breadbasket to store bread and several bottles. Not only outstanding for its functionality, but also for its quality and style. Do you want to know all the details and how to import it with IBMH’s professional management? Read more!

What is our new featured product and why it is so special

The featured product of this occasion is a practical removable chromed steel bottle rack-breadbasket with total extraction guides and brake for a smooth sliding of the hardware. Thanks to it, as its name suggests, you can comfortably store bottles and breads.

It is a hardware, an accessory, ideal for use in kitchen furniture or cabinet of all types and formats. The removable for bread and bottles is unique!

The technical characteristics of IBMH pantries or cupboards

Removable pantries or kitchen baskets feature total extraction sliding guides with excellent features and benefits. Since they include the latest sliding roller technology. In addition, these spices or liners come standard with an automatic synchronization and an exclusive Soft-Stop mechanism which provides a smooth and silent closure.

Its features include:

  • Frame made of high strength steel. Material that guarantees its durability over time.
  • Baskets of chromed steel and the best quality.
  • It has total extraction guides that allow easy access to the interior of the hardware.
  • Soft-Stop braking system that guarantees a smooth closing, without bumps or noise.
  • The recommended bottom of the furniture for the installation of the removable for bread and bottles is 500mm. But it should be noted that it is available in different widths depending on the size of the furniture where it is going to be installed.


 And what are the main advantages of the removable for bread and bottles?

The advantages of importing pantries or removable to store bread and bottles with the professional management of IBMH are:

  1. Its installation by screws to the base and door of the furniture is simple and intuitive.
  2. It is a quality accessory, so its durability is maximum.
  3. As for the measurements of the frame, they are ideal for every width of furniture.
  4. Allows bottles and bread to be perfectly stored saving space in the kitchen.
  5. Thanks to this kitchen accessory you can reach the saved content, conveniently and easily. In other words, it provides a more intuitive organization and easier access to the interior of the furniture.
  6. The aesthetics of the removable for bread and bottles conforms to the style of any kitchen. It even includes a bag for bread!

Do you think the kitchen removable to store bread and bottles is a good option? If you want more information about this accessory or any other to incorporate into your catalog, do not hesitate to contact us today. We will give you all the details. Let the great IBMH team take care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China, and you will soon see how the profitability of your company increases. We are waiting for you at IBMH to support your business!