PVC skirting board with wood finishes

10 colors to choose from in this PVC skirting board with wood finishes! Synthetic, resistant and extremely high quality to adapt to the latest kitchen design trends.

If you follow our blog, you’ll recall that we have suggested organizing your catalog of furniture hardware and accessories in your business. In fact, it is an essential step in having a profitable business. We are sure that if you apply the principle of “less is more”, you will be able to improve your overall results.

So, if skirting board, plinth panels or cabinet washboards are a product you will keep in your inventory, we offer you the option to expand your variety with these fantastic wood finishes.

PVC skirting board with wood finishes

Features of PVC skirting board panels with wood finish:

  1. Manufactured in different heights to adapt completely to different measurements.
  2. Highly durable PVC.
  3. Rubber bottom. To ensure a watertight seal with the floor, preventing water and dirt from entering and compensating for uneven flooring.
  4. Available with multiangle joint for corners.

By offering these PVC skirting boards with wood finishes, there is also the possibility to:

  • Camouflage skirting boards with the floor
  • Give the illusion of a larger space

Without a doubt, a fantastic sales opportunity right now.

We propose increasing your selection of colors by offering, in addition to the classic and elegant silver aluminum and stainless steel-effect aluminum finishes, these high-quality wood finishes.

And all with IBMH’s top quality service for your furniture hardware imports from China! Please contact us in case of any questions.