This month we present you the removable and foldable ironing board, a product that is growing in the importation of hardware for kitchen. 

The foldable and removable ironing board for cupboard is ideal to be used at homes with confined spaces. This hardware belongs to the category of ironing boards. The model of the Ironing board can be fitted into the drawer of the kitchen in which it is installed. It is ideal for placing in kitchen furniture and thus gain space in the kitchen.

On the other hand, it has a white plastic coated steel frame and grey striped cover. Although is also available in heavy-duty plywood sheet. Ironing board is easily folded for storage in the drawer of the cabinet.

At the time you use it, it is easily removable through the lower guides, and it rises easily and opens completely. The lower guides are adjustable and are adapted to the width of the drawer.

Includes accessories and lower fixing guides.

The table measures:

-300 mm. width.

-950 mm. length.

This hardware is built in a drawer of your kitchen, so it allows you to save space, keeping it within reach, because you only have to open the drawer and start ironing. Complete set with fixing material, with: 2 furniture rails, 1 folding hardware with removable 2-piece rails, folding ironing board. Regulation of the width is 362 to 500 mm. 500 mm depth. Integrated spring mechanism.

Robust implementation of the base in wood or steel, and all the hardware are made of metal with plastic coating. Support from the surface to iron, automatically exits when removing the drawer.