After long time extensively analyzing the costs of purchase in China of the closet rods manufactured in aluminum, we can confirm that we have the best products in this line to export from China.

Closet rods are also popularly known as closet tubes, hanger rods, closet rails, wardrobe tube, tube rack, etc. Either way you call it, we assure you that at IBMH we have suppliers who manufacture these products with highest quality.


Tubo ropero de aluminio importado por IBMH

Closet Rod.


To get the best price on the market with manufacturing in China, at IBMH we go to Zhejiang province or Shanghai to make our purchases. Our precautions in management, however, are many and very uncompromising. We analyze hardware manufactured in aluminum with good price in this area, to ensure that its anodized is quality.

For the calculation of the price we consider, on the one hand, the official price of the aluminum ingot (public price available to any company), as well as the conversion price that applies each factory, depending on the level of infrastructure and technical equipment from the supplier.

For shopping, we bear in mind that the conversion price is stable, but the price of aluminum ingot changes daily, so the price varies depending on the day which we confirm the order to the manufacturer. In addition, some factories use recycled material rather than first quality material in order to reduce the cost. If they don’t have advanced high-tech facilities to make a good surface finish, the end result may not satisfy our expectations and end up rejecting the product.

If you want to see some details of the manufacturing process of aluminum bars in China, go here. We trust this information to be useful when importing from China aluminum closet rods!