IBMH Corporation, Ltd. Was created as a result of more than 21 years of experience, of which 16 are dedicated to management of Chinese importation carried out by José Duque, CEO of IBMH . Now its international expansion is more than settled Would you like to know why ? 

IBMH Corp. works independently as a Purchasing Agent in China, selecting suppliers based on their competitiveness and technical suitability. This is how the company manages in China purchases of Hardware Fittings for Furniture and Doors.

At this point, there is a comparative advantage in expanding abroad which is “Specialization”: to specialize in something brings you more opportunities to do business abroad. At the same time, however, there are also many problems concerning expanding abroad, such as the specificities of China or the legal or cultural differences. In that sense it is possible to emphasize the differences in character between operators of this market and the European : they are not concerned about stabilizing temporarily relations, they focus their attention just on what they have in front of their eyes, in the here and now.

Industrial Container Cargo freight ship with working crane bridge in shipyard at dusk for Logistic Import Export background

Nowadays, there are many companies in China dedicated to purchasing management and quality control but without any technical specialization and without really knowing the product that they want to buy. To really know the products on a technical level and always apply the strictest quality controls, are some of the reasons that makes IBMH stand out . At the same time, this specialization generates joint purchases with a bigger volume which ables us to offer better economic conditions for all our customers.

Finally, we would like to add as a principal achievement on an international level, that we are proud to count on the support of many companies in a wide range of Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, etc., as well as several European countries , Such as France, Italy, Poland Portugal, etc …, we even have customers in countries as diverse as Australia or Russia.