At IBMH Corporation we keep being world leaders in purchasing agents specialized in hardware for furniture and accessories. That is why we have decided to settle in a physical way in Latin America, with the idea of offering an “In situ” service much more direct and personalized. 

Officially we have already opened our new branch office in Santiago de Chile, in order to offer a service of quality in situ to importing companies in Latin America. The new branch of our company allows you to work as if we were part of the corporate structure of our customers, but working in specialized outsourcings regime.


Our goal is to help our clients import hardware from China; with us they can outsource these operations of importing from China, leaving them at the hands of experts who provide a superior real added value and therefore reinforce the company without raising the fixed costs at any time.

At IBMH Corp we are true experts in Purchasing Management and Quality Control in China, with experience in the hardware Sector with more than 20 years, through the CEO and founder of IBMH José Duque. IBMH, having been born in China from scratch, in the last 6 years has achieved a rapid and expansive growth reaching volumes of purchase in China through all its customers, exceeding the US$ 35 million in 2016, moving more than 1500 containers annually and managing shopping for Latin America, USA, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and signing agreements to manage the purchases of the largest importers of markets as competitive as the Asian, we are talking about India, Russia and the Philippines.


As a result, working for the 5 continents, we obtain a global vision of the hardware market in China, which gives a unique and efficient way of working that certainly differentiates us significantly from any other traditional purchasing management company in China and will make our expansion in Chile a success.

Our new office in China:

IBMH Corporation America

Los Libertadores Km11.500, Caletera Oriente

Second floor, Office 1S

Santiago de Chile

Phone: + 56-2 2500 3766