Ultra-Slim Drawer: new IBMH featured product

On this occasion, we take pride in introducing our latest product. It is an ultra-slim drawer that can be easily installed in various types of furniture. For instance, it can be used in the bathroom cabinet, bedroom, or any other space where it is needed. This drawer is designed with new, very thin side panels, as the name suggests, but they are highly durable, maximizing the interior space of each drawer.

Discover the new IBMH drawer: Our featured product

cajón ultradelgado

Specifically, it’s an ultra-slim drawer with a low-mounting guide, featuring specially designed ultra-slim metal sides. This design provides more space inside the drawer while maintaining the same resistance features as other similar models with wider sides. The structure of the drawer’s side panels allows for quick and easy assembly and disassembly. Once it’s mounted in the chosen furniture, the drawer can be adjusted in two dimensions, up and down, left and right.

This ultra-slim wall drawer belongs to a new trend within the minimalist style, which we recommend including in your company’s hardware catalogue.

Technical features of the ultra-slim drawer you should know

In addition to what has been mentioned so far, it’s essential to know the technical details of this drawer.

  1. The ultra-slim drawer is made of reinforced steel material, making it a durable and long-lasting accessory.
  2. It is available in three heights: 88mm, 128mm, and 158mm, with lengths ranging from 300 to 500mm. The end customer can choose the appropriate size based on their needs.
  3. Its anthracite grey finish is ideal for matching the aesthetics of living room, bathroom, and bedroom furniture, among others.

Advantages: Why is IBMH’s new featured product so special?

cajón ultradelgado

By considering its characteristics and design, it’s easy to deduce the advantages of IBMH’s ultra-slim drawer.

  • It is perfect for use in drawers of all types and styles of furniture: closets, kitchen cabinets, office desks, etc. The end customer will have a customized solution.
  • It can be easily installed without the need for complex tools. Its maintenance and cleaning are also straightforward and occasional. As mentioned earlier, once installed, it can be adjusted in multiple directions.
  • The ultra-slim drawer can be mounted on full-extension or partial-extension guides.
  • It provides comfortable access to the entire interior of the drawer, ensuring everything is well organized.
  • Its lightweight structure saves space, making it ideal for small spaces.
  • Finally, its aesthetics and design blend perfectly with both modern and classic furniture.

Discover the benefits for your business by adding our new ultra-slim drawer to your hardware catalogue.

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