It may surprise the importers from China, but when it comes to the packaging of a particular hardware from China, this will have to be analyzed on the checklist of imported products.

Packaging must be suitable for each product, even it should be checked visually for defects it may have. A faulty packaging may cause damage to the article while it is transported. Many times for the packaging of products the companies outsource to other companies to make this work. Firstly, to ensure the quality of products imported from China we need to select a package that has an excellent rating, as well as a quality control system.


Secondly we are explicit with what we require, giving exact specifications for packing we need: the more specific and detailed, the less errors may occur. The easiest way so you can be sure that you are providing enough and appropriate specifications, is by hiring a crew in packaging systems. These experts and the services offered are used for multiple purposes.

One of them is the reduction of costs through the design. And the first thing that we need to ask ourselves is, what types of materials will give your packing greater strength with the lowest cost, to ensure that no product is disposed for any damage? As well as, what kind of structure will provide greater strength while using the least amount of raw material?

Here is where the packaging systems crew at IBMH will consider how to reduce the size in order to obtain the greatest number of units for a container, and so reduce weight to low shipping expenses. Another purpose of IBMH regarding packing is to protect the product. This includes various types of falling tests, rigorous transport machines and simulations of ageing, vibration tests, strength tests, etc.

It also deals with the presentation and marketing features. If the item is sold in stores, what design and colors attract the attention of the consumer and motivate him to buy? A team specialized in the packing, as IBMH is, can offer a vision of it.

On the other hand if you have a general idea of the types of packaging you need, you can also require IBMH services as experts in packaging only to review and improve the designs that you have.