La importancia de la ética (Lunlixue) para hacer negocios en China

In addition to knowing some of the customs, traditions or cultural aspects related to Chinese society, it is also important that you have basic knowledge about ethics when doing business in China. And, in addition to being a key factor, it is important to gain the trust of entrepreneurs and create long and prosperous relationships.

Why ethics is a key factor in business in China

The concept of ethics for the Asian giant has its origin in the philosophy of Confucius who pointed out that morality is based on the specific circumstances of each moment and that they must also be governed by rules of coexistence. Thus, defining social, family and business roles.

China has become one of the reference markets worldwide. And that is precisely why more and more companies and organizations want to create business relationships with them. Therefore, in addition to knowing the bases of their culture, it is necessary to know what ethics is for them. Good work and mutual trust are important.

+ Preparation and anticipation

Influenced by a millennia-old tradition, the culture and ethics of doing business in China focus on preparing before those business relationships begin. Investigate to know how is the company with which you are going to negotiate. Or even how you can anticipate unforeseen events or changes, means having a lot of ground gained.

+ Endurance, effort and perseverance

For Chinese culture, both the ability to work and effort and perseverance are as valued as punctuality, transparency and the resolution of discrepancies in an amicable way. And it is well known that only those who work from the beginning reach the top.

+ Harmony in negotiations

Negotiations can only be fruitful for both parties if the relationships that are created are based on respect, positivity and even friendship. But this is not something that arises from one day to the next one but takes time and effort. For example, be courteous in meetings, respect customs and participate in them. Have good manners in addition to small gestures such as not interrupting when someone speaks.

+ The importance of reputation

Closely related to business ethics in China is reputation, undoubtedly another of the key elements of Chinese culture. The so-called Mianzi is an intangible asset that is built over time. It reflects the value and trust that is placed in the company.

+ The figure of the intermediary or Zhongjian Ren

The figure of the intermediary to do business with Chinese companies is of utmost importance to create good connections. Not only because it is responsible for facilitating contacts, but also because it breaks the ice in business conversations. In addition, he follows up once agreements have begun.

Knowing the ethics for doing business in China is important. But even more important is having a partner who also knows the language and intricacies of the culture. IBMH is just what you need. That’s why we can take care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China with a guaranteed success. To learn all the details, contact us today!