Telescopic Slides or Guides: New Range with Ball Bearings

At IBMH, we want to introduce you to our new and expanded range of telescopic slides or guides with ball bearings. We have not only improved it so that you can incorporate it into your hardware catalogue, but we have also expanded it with new accessories, like the one we are showcasing today. Undoubtedly, it will be a great advantage for your business!


Here are the telescopic slides or guides that you can now import with IBMH

The telescopic slides or guides are made of reinforced steel, ensuring high durability and resistance to wear. Some of these new models feature options for partial extension and bidirectional extension, making them ideal for specific applications. On the other hand, other models offer full extension, allowing the drawer to be fully opened for easy access to its contents.

Additionally, these telescopic slides or guides have a black rubber stopper that provides an additional level of protection to the drawer and the furniture by cushioning the impact when closing. This function helps prevent damage to the drawer and its contents while reducing noise and vibration. The result is a smoother and quieter closing process.


Some advantages to consider:

correderas telescópicas

  • They are ideal for various applications, such as kitchen drawers, office desks, and storage cabinets.
  • They are easy to install in any furniture with drawers.
  • Different packaging options are available to meet various needs, from bulk basic packaging to high-end retail packaging with eye-catching graphics and logos. This allows for personalized product presentation and makes it stand out in a crowded market.
  • They are designed with high-quality materials that perfectly adapt to any type of drawer or furniture.
  • Their mechanism allows for easy access to the interior of the drawer, saving space and facilitating good organization.
  • Telescopic slides or guides are an excellent choice for modern and minimalist furniture designs, where the focus is on clean lines and simplicity.

Technical features of IBMH’s telescopic slides or guides

correderas telescópicas

Here are the technical characteristics you need to know:

  1. The material is reinforced steel.
  2. They are available in heights ranging from H17 to H45, with different combinations of finishes and lengths.
  3. The load capacity ranges from 10kg for the lower height models (H17) to 45kg for the sturdiest ones (H45). Different configurations of ball bearings can be chosen, ideal for adapting to the needs of the end customer.
  4. Specialized models are available, such as slides with soft-close mechanism and Push Open mechanism. In the first case, the mechanism slows down the drawer’s movement as it approaches the closed position, while in Push Open models, a slight push is enough to open the drawer without the need for a handle.
  5. The telescopic slides or guides are available in two different finishes. The black finish is achieved through an electrophoresis process, providing an elegant and modern appearance that complements dark furniture finishes. The galvanized finish is obtained through an electro-galvanizing process, resulting in a shiny silver appearance that provides corrosion resistance.

Discover the advantages of incorporating our new and expanded range of telescopic slides or guides into your catalogue. Our team is prepared to handle all your furniture and construction hardware imports from China with the utmost professionalism, allowing you to increase the profitability of your company. Contact us today!