Team Building

Does a hardware company like yours need to implement team building? It might seem like this method is just for big international technological corporations. But the truth is, it is recommended for any business at all because it helps employees feel motivated and makes them much more productive. Let’s talk about team building, what it is, and how it can be used to improve team performance.

What is team building and where did it come from?

Team building can be defined as a set of group activities aimed at improving communication, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and motivation for all members of a company, both management and workers.

If you thought that this was a recent invention, you’re mistaken. The year was 1920 when writer and social psychologist William McDougal released his book The Group Mind. In this book, he talked about the importance of creating motivated and productive work teams. The next step was taken by Professor Elton Mayo in 1927 when he presented studies demonstrating a positive relationship between improved performance, increased productivity, and good relationships between team members.

This brings us to modern day, when more and more companies are using team building methods outside of office hours so that both employees and managers get to know each other, strengthen relationships, and enjoy a day of games and fun activities.

What are the benefits of team building for a hardware company?

As we said before, the goal of team building is for members of a company to strengthen relationships and get to know each other beyond what they see every day at the office. These are the main benefits that come with it:

  • You build a strong and solid team.
  • Possible conflicts are resolved simply and effectively.
  • Team members develop a strong sense of belonging with the company. This, in turn, prevents talent from leaving the company.
  • Promotes communication among coworkers in all departments.
  • Interpersonal relationships are noticeably improved. Employees get to know each other outside of work, which has a positive impact on performance.
  • Encourages a positive attitude and excellent motivation.
  • Plus, it helps with personal and professional growth that bring out the best qualities in each worker.
  • Trust and camaraderie are other values that are reinforced through team building.


So, why and how can team building improve team performance?

The games and activities used in team building can improve the performance of teams at work. Because it is focused on leisure time, it allows the message of motivation and productivity to be passed on to the work environment. With original activities that are fun and enjoyable, employees feel incentivized, and this enhances the positive results within the organization. It is, therefore, a key tool in the organization’s development that helps to achieve corporate objectives.

At IBMH, we use team building techniques, too, and we have a work system based on continuous improvement of productivity. If you want to have us as your Strategic Purchase Management Office in China so that we can help you optimize the time you spend on managing hardware imports in your business, all you have to do is contact us today. Together, we’ll make a great team and improve the profitability of your business!