At IBMH, each year we carry out a deep analysis of what we have done and how we can improve it. You will learn how our work system works, in addition to the quality control in the factories of Chinese suppliers and much more.

Our numbers are encouraging. We have a monthly growth of subscribers for our regular newsletter, which has made we grow by 41% this year with an international audience of more than 8 countries. If you have not subscribed yet, we recommend you do it urgently by entering your email here, for guides and tips on how to import, news and reports of developments in China or analysis of the most imported products from China.


On the other hand, the followers of our networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, are becoming more active and they continue to grow by 27% annually. We encourage you to follow our news in networks, also on Linkedin.

In terms of our international presence, we are already in more than 20 countries, what means a growth over the previous year of more than 200% in terms of the number of companies with which we daily work.

The 1,200 containers of hardware that we manage every year has gone, this year we have managed to exceed that figure by more than 37%, what makes us the purchasing management company of hardware in China with the greatest volume of management in this country. The important number of purchases made by all our international customers through our management, has made our trading capacity with Chinese manufacturers improve substantially.


Regarding our desires for this 2017, we would like to:

– Improve our disposal both in structure and in extra services and geographic scope: We want to give you more and more closely.

Improve the transparency and control of our services.

Continue to select Chinese factories following strict controls of documentation to avoid intermediaries and add more contacts from vendors who have valid certificates and approvals. Thus we will continue managing properly and securely imports from China to anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, in our import analysis, we assessed that:

Improve prices: as you know, at IBMH we demand a high quality in the finished product. However, the high level of demand by our customers to get a good price, requires a good management in our day-to-day, since we should be able to get stable and high quality products, but always with an extremely competitive purchase price.

– Expanded sales expert team: This year our Team continues to grow. Professionalism and commitment from all of them leads us to significantly improve all our processes, helping to assess imports, analyzing samples technically and meticulously before submitting any purchase and importation, etc. In addition, in our team we are all experts in Chinese language and its culture, since language often misrepresents information and leads to misunderstandings and results that are not expected.

– Computer Management System Improved. At IBMH we are fully aware of the special relevance and importance of the use of New Technologies in all processes that we apply every day and especially in everything that has to do with the way in which we present and give all our management visibility to our international clients. This year we intend to carry out very important improvements in our computer system, which will help the information to flow naturally, with total and absolute transparency and also in a format that is easily understandable by all, which will undoubtedly result in a significant improvement in daily communication with all of our international customers.

If you want to know more about how we continue to improve, contact us and we will help as soon as possible!