Elevating Hinges for Coffee Tables

Thanks to its remarkable success in end-user markets, we continue to offer more ideas within the space-saver furniture hardware product range. Before, it was the telescoping and recessed electrical outlets, and then the fold-out beds, among others. Today, we’ll tackle the living room and discover something new. It’s important to realize that “two in one” pieces aren’t exclusively for small homes anymore. Rather, their convenience and versatility are recognized in all sorts of settings. Elevating Hinges for coffee tables allows us to greatly expand the utility of what might have been “just” a coffee table until now.

Elegant and functional Elevating Hinges for Coffee Tables

IBMH manages several models in high-quality carbon steel, and this variety makes it easier to assess and decide on the model that best adapts to your business.

Our goals will always be to:

  • • Make the most of the highly functional spring system installed in these products.
  • • Provide a safe and high-quality product.
  • • Offer an attractive and well-finished product, one that doesn’t make noise or resist folding and unfolding.

Components of Elevating Hinges for Coffee Tables managed by IBMH Corp

In order to offer maximal folding that doesn’t waste interior space, all hinges from each model uses:

  • Highly resistant metal supports
  • Spring system specific to each model

Elevating Hinges for Coffee Tables

Out of curiosity and as part of our R&D, we asked the following question to the people who are in charge of selling the final products (Elevating Hinges for Coffee Tables):

“What are the main tasks these tables are used for?”

And these were their answers:

  • • Makeshift workspace
  • • Casual dinner on the sofa
  • • Access to an additional surface (above or below) as a supplementary space
  • • Interior storage

By understanding the needs of the final customers, this industry is evolving to offer increasingly innovative and outstanding solutions, and we are pleased to say that IBMH Corp is collaborating to make them a reality.

On our end, we will continue:

  • • Contributing ideas
  • • Accompanying you in your innovations
  • • Facilitating the management and quality control of your imports from China

Thank you for trusting in us!