Here we offer an elegant alternative to traditional outlets, ideal for  space-saving design kitchens as well as in offices, meeting room…

The multimedia technology and electronics have conquered our daily lives. It’s always ideal if the furniture and interior decoration concepts also offer alternative possibilities to connect to electricity or access to database in a simple and aesthetically attractive way. Just by pressing the button, this type of fitting shows its inner values: the sockets, network connections and USB connection options will be available quickly and conveniently.

This option allows neat and organized cables securely and invisibly beneath the work surface. The power strip is hidden in the countertop or tabletop and can be out when you press the button. When power connections and data are no longer needed, the tower can be introduced in their original position manually.

Moreover, the system can come configured with the following jacks to choose from:USB, HDMI, audio jack and etc.

Sockets Telescopic Tower

Sockets telescopic Tower are an emerging system and all the furniture manufacturers incorporate it in their designs more frequently every day.

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