What do we offer?

IBMH comprehensive strategic sourcing service in China will:

  • Mejorar precios

    improve substantially your current purchase cost in China.

  • Incidencias

    diminish the number of incidents–thanks to our own Quality Control Department.

  • Departamento de I+D

    enable you to have your own R&D Department in China.

  • Proveedores de herrajes en China

    select the best hardware local suppliers according to your own specific needs.

  • Negociar en tu nombre

    negotiate on your behalf with total and absolute independence (IBMH is not tied to any of the Chinese suppliers it recommends).

  • Oficina física de compras

    enable you to have your own Purchase Management office in China with the strategic vision of a specialized team at your service.


Accept IBMH’s challenge and optimize the cost of your orders up to 40%*

*Average improvement of our clients’ annual global purchase cost.

Our know-how

IBMH doesn’t only concentrate on getting the best purchasing price, it also offers a comprehensive Strategic Sourcing service that will cover all your needs..

After more than 24 years’ experience on furniture and construction hardware Purchase Management in China, we have become experts with a highly technical knowledge of these specific products.

We know where and how to locate the Chinese hardware suppliers for your business are and how to negotiate with them directly..

Please double check the list of products we manage for some of the most important hardware and furniture fitting companies in the world and have access to some of these hottest products.