With the aim of leading a rapid expansion in Chile and Latin America in our hardware import company, Patricio Campos has joined our team of IBMH Corp, as Manager of our office in Santiago de Chile. 

Patrick has over 12 years of experience working on importers, distributors and multinational retail companies. He has developed multiple product lines with own brands for Chile and Latin America, and hundreds of promotional products, which has made Patrick a connoisseur of the South American market both in hardware and in other categories. Patrick stands out for his joy, optimism, high analytical ability and a great business vision, which added to his contacts and experience will make this new challenge a successful project.

IBMH Corp has opted for Patricio Campos to lead the opening of its new subsidiary in Latin America, aiming to deepen the company’s growth in the region and has chosen Chile as a strategic country to carry out this project.


The new branch of IBMH in Chile aims to open up new markets in Latin America, and help current customers maximize sales of the hardware purchased in China through professional management of purchases made by IBMH.

IBMH CHILE offers to all its customers the media, team, tools, Know How, among others, needed to increase its volume of sale and therefore consecutively increase the total volume of imports in China through the management of IBMH.

From IBMH Corp we firmly believe that direct cooperation through our new subsidiary in Chile, will help to speed sales of the already developed programs and those focused on innovation; as well as it will also help to give speed to all the projects to be developed jointly with all our current clients, being able to help achieve the important and challenging goals that all our clients have both in margins of profit, sales, inventories, catalogues and exhibitions, among others.