New! Low-profile hidden slides with soft close and 3D adjustment

From IBMH, we present to you the new and improved low-profile hidden slides, with soft close and 3D adjustment! You can now add them to your catalog thanks to our professional management. We’ll explain how they work and detail their technical features. Take good note!

The low-profile concealed runners have been enhanced

IBMH’s low-profile hidden slides (or concealed runners), with soft close and 3D adjustment have been enhanced! These drawer runners now offer greater performance and maximum durability. Furthermore, their load capacity has been increased to satisfy the end customer.

These runners are specially designed for mounting drawers in furniture, remaining hidden, facilitating the opening of the furniture, and not interfering with the aesthetics. On the other hand, we must tell you that their new 3D adjustment handles allow for quick and easy assembly and disassembly without the need for tools. Additionally, you can align the drawers with the furniture and with each other.

Adjustments that can be made with this hardware

The available adjustments for the low-profile hidden slides, with soft close and 3D adjustment are: front and back, right and left, up and down. This ensures that there will be no installation failures. No more misaligned drawers!

Likewise, the low-profile runners are of full extension, meaning the drawer is completely extracted without any part remaining inside the furniture that cannot be accessed.

They can be easily installed in various furniture drawers, such as in cabinets, in the kitchen, or in any other space. Their mechanism with a soft close damper ensures quiet operation that prevents slamming.

Technical features of the low-profile hidden slides with soft close

Among their technical features, it is worth mentioning:

  1. This hidden slides are designed in reinforced steel material, ensuring their durability over time.
  2. They come in lengths ranging from 250 to 550mm to meet customer needs.
  3. Yours a standard and newly designed damper that ensures a smooth and silent closure.
  4. Additionally, they have a special zinc coating finish to prevent corrosion.
  5. The metal handles are of the highest quality and functionality.

Advantages to consider. Why import IBMH’s drawer runners?

IBMH’s low-profile hidden slides, with soft close and 3D adjustment offer the following advantages:

  • They are ideal for mounting drawers of all types and in various locations.
  • The aesthetic of the furniture is easily maintained, regardless of its style.
  • Drawers can be easily installed and disassembled without the need for any tools.
  • They provide complete access to the drawer’s contents.
  • Their closing and opening are silent and without slamming.

Do you also want to add IBMH’s low-profile hidden slides, with soft close and 3D adjustment to your hardware catalog? We can assist you!

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