There are 3 things to succeed in a business: know your product better than anyone else, know how your customer is and have a burning desire to succeed. We fulfill all and that is why we continue growing with our offices.

When working with zeal and enthusiasm in a sector, the company tends to be accompanied by success. At IBMH is clear that we must continue doing things with the firmness and effort that characterizes us, but trying to improve every day.



We show it with our daily growth and the opening of new offices in Room 708, Kang Fu Lai Supplement Building, No. 219, Lin He Xi Heng Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City and Guangdong Province. An area of more than 150 meters where a team of more than 15 people is still focused on that you get the best benefits for your company.

What does a company have that makes it a good company and a good space to collaborate and invest?


The answer depends on whether you ask an accountant, an economist, a seller or an expert in human resources, but pulling all these disciplines together, generally, a good company can be defined by these three features: Competitive advantage (our extensive experience and expertise, as well as competitive prices), the above-average management (thanks to our last generation management programs) and the leadership in the market.