Dual-Edge Edge Profiler 

At IBMH, we are excited to introduce our latest standout product – the Dual-Edge Edge Profiler. This versatile tool is invaluable for precise profiling and trimming, offering both speed and accuracy. Not only does it deliver efficiency, but it also allows end-users to achieve the desired look for drawers and other furniture panels. Let’s delve into the details, features, and applications of this must-have tool. Take note, as this is something you don’t want to miss!

Meet the New Dual-Edge Edge Profiler for Furniture by IBMH

Perfilador de cantos de doble filo de IBMHç

The dual-edge edge profiler or trimmer, now available in your catalog through IBMH’s professional management, finds wide application in furniture, woodwork, and panels. It’s an excellent addition to any carpentry workshop, and its user-friendly design makes it suitable for general use as well.

Designed for trimming the edges of 0.5mm flexible melamine edge bands, it can also confidently trim edges of soft wood veneer, plastic, or PVC.

Featuring a low friction coefficient, this edge trimmer can be used for an extended period with proper blade changes, which are easily done once they lose their sharpness.

Technical Features of IBMH’s Star Hardware – Dual-Edge Edge Profiler

Perfilador de cantos de doble filo de IBMH 

Let’s explore the technical features of the dual-edge edge profiler in more detail:

  • The body is made of heat-resistant, high-strength injection-molded Nylon.
  • Capable of trimming the edges of 0.5mm flexible melamine edge bands.
  • Profiling capacity for boards ranging from 15 to 35mm, with more experience required for wider boards.
  • Allows simultaneous profiling on both faces without the need for any further adjustments.
  • Dimensions: 100 x 55 x 50 mm.


Advantages of the Dual-Edge Edge Profiler

Your end customers will appreciate the following advantages:

  1. A manually operated tool that is easy to control, even for those without expertise in carpentry.
  2. Clean and finished work in a single pass.
  3. Enables easy cutting of panel edges for drawers and other carpentry pieces without the need for additional touch-ups, making it a great ally for furniture modifications.
  4. The dual-edge edge profiler blades are highly durable and easily replaceable in just a few simple steps.


If you want to discover more advantages of adding this accessory or similar ones to your hardware catalog, don’t hesitate to request more information and guidance from our experts.

In conclusion, we want to remind you that the IBMH team is here to handle all your furniture and construction hardware imports from China with the utmost guarantee of success and professionalism. You’ll soon see how it boosts your business’s profitability. Don’t hesitate any longer! Contact us today, and we’ll provide all the details you need.