new IBMH commercial office in Chile

We’re celebrating at IBMH, and we can’t think of a better way to do it than to share this great news with you. We have a new IBMH commercial office in Chile to give service to the entire region of Latin America. But our cause for celebration is twofold, because we’ve got Victor Trillat as Business Development Manager. A true professional renowned for his experience in the hardware industry will be the one leading this project. We’ll fill you in on all the details below!

IBMH’s experience in the Latin American hardware market

Latin America was one of the first markets in which IBMH started to have rapid commercial expansion from day one. Suffice it to say, we know it well. We know that it is tremendously competitive, with a marked presence of Chinese-made products and an immensely interesting potential for development.

A geographically large market whose growth is led by Brazil. A country with a very strong and constantly developing industry, focused on continuous innovation and with a notable European influence.

But there are also massive markets of products that have less history incorporating the launches and latest news from the Old World.

IBMH has a lot to offer. Both to hardware importers whose priority is innovation and to those looking for high-turnover products. To all of them, we can offer solutions with maximum profitability and a guarantee of stable quality in their imports.

The new IBMH commercial office in Chile is great news for our clients

We can proudly say that this new IBMH commercial office in Chile, in the city of Santiago, being a strategic location to most efficiently and effectively cater to what is a priority market for us.

All of our experience is at our clients’ disposition. Our professional Strategic Management service of purchases from China so that they can incorporate successful products into their offering in record time, increasing their sales and profit margins.

Services from IBMH that help clients on all five continents grow their businesses:

  • Access to new releases: a way to refresh your offering to the final customer. A big help in the creation and strengthening of our clients’ brand image.
  • Competitive advantage in the price: always maintaining the highest levels of quality. Without a doubt, we can offer access to the best options for suppliers in China. And we can also offer the ability to get the best prices along with the quality service that we’re known for.
  • Advising service to complement the mix of products. At IBMH, we’re the Strategic Purchase Management Office in China for our clients. Looking after their import processes 24 hours a day, ensuring that they are in the best hands.

Victor Trillat joins the team as Business Development Manager of the new IBMH commercial office in Chile

It’s time to proudly introduce Victor Trillat. He will be in charge of leading the new IBMH commercial office in Latin America, as Business Development Manager.

Victor Trillat is a Commercial Engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, with a strong emphasis in commercial development and valuable experience in the hardware market thanks to his work as General Manager of the Chilean company Ducasse Industrial in Brazil. He has spent five years getting to know this market, its opportunities and challenges, and understanding how this business works in other countries in the region.

We are very happy to have Victor, who is no doubt the best fit for this great project. Not just because of his ample experience with leading companies in the hardware market in several Latin American countries, not just because of his education… but also because of his enthusiasm in facing this new professional challenge with IBMH. We’re sure that he’ll be a great asset to the team to give the best service to our clients.

At IBMH, we perform commercial management on all five continents thanks to our extensive international development. We know that success requires hard work and having the best professionals, suppliers and employees. If you’re thinking about taking your hardware business to the next level to reach more customers and improve your profits, you can be sure that IBMH is the partner you’re looking for. Contact us today!