After 12 years working in United Kingdom, running multiple successful business and also working for various multinational companies, Jacob join IBMH corp with the aim of a fast expansion to new markets.


His perseverance and high communication skills will be a great advantage to develop a very productive 2016, very motivated and passionate young individual and definitely a fresh air to the commercial department. 

Over the last 6 years Jacob has became a key consultant for many companies in UK,Spain,Germany, Sweden,Belgium, Dubai…, helping companies to collaborate with different projects and sourcing the right level of support in the acquisition of new accounts and joint ventures.

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He arrives to IBMH with a clear aim, make the best of his strength to help the company to became leader in the South American Market as the European due to his extensive knowledge and contacts within this selected geographic markets. He arrive in a very challenging economic climate and we all wish him succeed in his new adventure in the Chinese market.