We have a responsibility to negotiate the best prices for you in all your imports from China from all our Chinese manufacturers. It is our vital objective as a company. You will learn some details of our process.

When we contact a new provider, the first thing we demand is that the quality and technical features of the products offered to us are in accordance with the previous requirements established by our clients.


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It has no sense to negotiate prices with a provider that is offering us an inadequate product or with technical specifications below our needs. Only when we manage to be fully convinced of the excellent quality of the product, we demand prices to be as tight as possible.

In addition, taking advantage of the bargaining power that the unified global volume of all our purchases brings us, we always get the best prices. In the case that final conditions gotten are under our total satisfaction, we never give up, because we don’t care to repeat this process over and over again with new providers that we will continue to strive to obtain the best prices, because in IBMH we never relax carrying out orders to the same manufacturers.

Then you will learn 5 important details that we significantly differ from any other company like ours that can exist on the market.

  1. Detailed segmentation of all products: We have managed to segment and classify more than 600 types of different products that we have processed here in China, presenting everything openly in an ONLINE BOOK, which can be accessed by all our customers at all times.
  2. Personal audit to more than 5000 Chinese factories: For many years we have audited continuously more than 5000 companies that could be interesting for our clients, with the idea of determining if the supplier is right and, most importantly, determine which products are the strong point of that provider in his production lines.
  3. Unique database: We have a computer system where we classify and assign to each type of product the optimal supplier already audited. When we receive a request for purchase, we identified the best provider in record time. If we have more than one supplier by product, our system asks prices directly to all manufacturers and thus we solve this management quickly.
  4. Real-time management information: Every negotiations conducted with Chinese manufacturers are stored in our system, since the suppliers have access to our system to fix the prices and conditions of their products. In addition, our customers have always access to the information in real time, so it is 100% confidential and safe to inform of the status of all negotiations and efforts that from IBMH we carry out for your company.


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