In IBMH we are managing the import of quality locks from China.
We have long been perfecting the process of purchasing management to import specific products. And today we can say that we are world leaders in importing and locks Door Locks from China.

How have we managed to improve our process of importing locks? With hard work and a company with values ​​based on efficiency and quality. But above all with the support of our customers who have trusted our services.

But if you want to know more about how today IBMH has achieved excellent international reputation in the field of Door Locks and many other lines of business, keep reading!


1- We focused a lot on improving the conditions of purchase: the most insightful way to make a good purchasing of door locks is negotiating with intelligence. We get a unique price conditions and services. We accomplish this through a group of companies that trusted us so we are able to achieve more competitive prices than those offered to a independent companies.

door lock IBMH

Door lock IBMH


2- We work for the 5 continents and that gives us an unique  understanding of the overall situation of the door locks market. Importing from China to all countries gives us an optimal view of the situation.


Superimposed door Lock

Superimposed door Lock


3- We create quality brands to our customers: currently, some of the products of the most prestigious brands have been managed by IBMH. We are dedicated to import quality products. Furthermore, today we can say that China already manages IBMH locks that protect millions of homes, offering freedom and confidence.

Another type of lock superimposed by IBMH imported from China

Another type of lock superimposed by IBMH imported from China


We encourage you to know us without any commitment. We want you to check the efficiency with we can manage your purchases thanks to our extensive experience.

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