Importing High Quality: Products with the 'Made in China' Seal

One of the most deeply ingrained myths about China in Western mentality is that “Made in China” is synonymous with low quality. Despite China’s rise in import rankings, especially in the furniture and construction hardware sector, there are still many entrepreneurs and end customers who believe that a Chinese product means a low-quality product. Is this myth or reality? To what extent is it true?


‘Made in China’ vs. ‘Designed by China’

The good practices of most factories in China not only apply to high-quality products but also extend to factory conditions and worker welfare. Evidence of this is the “Made in China 2025” development plan, through which China aims to change its image. The government promotes product quality, innovation, and modernization in industrial sectors.

Furthermore, suppliers must have an ISO quality system to guarantee that the purchased goods meet the agreed-upon standards. These quality controls can be carried out through Pre-Production Inspections (PPI), First Article Inspections (FAI), During Production Inspections (DPI), or Finished Product Inspections (FPI).

 Products from China: Is the lack of quality controls still an issue?

Just like in other countries, generalizations cannot be made. The fact that there are factories or companies without adequate quality controls, resulting in short-lived products, does not mean that this is a widespread practice throughout the country.

In fact, Chinese suppliers and entrepreneurs themselves recognize that the lack of quality controls is one of the most common reasons for receiving inefficient products, as importers fail to verify the product’s quality before shipment.

Another common mistake made by importers is relying solely on the suppliers’ quality control personnel without conducting a pre-shipment inspection by an external company.

IBMH’s professional management: thorough and rigorous quality controls

At IBMH, we have been working in the hardware sector for years, and we understand the importance of good management practices and rigorous quality controls.

We only work with trusted suppliers, but we still conduct thorough sample inspections:

  • Technical inspections are performed on all samples sent from factories to certify their suitability.
  • The Initial Production Inspection ensures that the manufacturer meets the established requirements regarding the quality of raw materials and components.
  • Fault supervision is carried out at the beginning of production to address any issues promptly and avoid delays.
  • The Final Production Inspection includes a new sampling according to ISO 2859 (AQL) standards.

Thanks to our extensive technical knowledge and vast experience in the Strategic Sourcing Management of hardware and furniture and construction accessories from China, we can proudly say that we are prepared to give your business the boost it deserves. Contact us today, and we will provide you with all the details.