Furniture Hardware, Door Hardware and Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

More than 24 years of experience in the hardware industry makes us true experts in furniture and construction hardware. IBMH provides a high technical knowledge in all kind of product lines.

Over time, we have become specialists in finding efficient suppliers for our customers. Today, thanks to having attended such a variety of requests and clients, we have a comprehensive range of products.

At IBMH we are specialists in both Procurement Management and Quality Control, covering the following items:

  • Furniture Hinges

  • Electrician Devices for Furniture

  • Glass Hardware

  • Kitchen Cabinet Hardware & Equipment

  • Wooden Living Door Hinges

  • Cabinet Lift Support

  • Table Hardware

  • Furniture Aluminum Profiles

  • Furniture Locks

  • Architectural Hardware

  • Wooden Living Door Hardware

  • Cabinet Lighting

  • Furniture Connections Fittings

  • Office Furniture Hardware

  • Sofa Hardware

  • Cabinet Drawer Slides

  • Sofa Upholstery

  • Bed Hardware

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