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Today, at IBMH, we present to you a new hardware designed to facilitate access and opening of the corner doors of the kitchens, the Movicorner Hinge. Designed in high quality materials, it will also become the star of your hardware and furniture catalog if you incorporate it with IBMH. Find out what its advantages and main features are.

One of the biggest challenges that manufacturers face is designing multifunctional furniture that fits today’s lifestyle. That’s why it’s getting more and more common to have quality hardware like the hinges that we introduce you today. Thus, it will be easier to have everything well organized and have the optimal space.

What the Movicorner Hinge you can import with IBMH is

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The Movicorner Hinge you can import today with IBMH allows easy access as well as convenient opening and closing of corner doors or kitchen corners. In addition, thanks to its innovative aesthetics, the furniture will have a very modern look. Its installation is easy, there will be no complication even if it is done by someone who has little experience. Basically, two screws must be placed for each shovel of the bracket.

The doors are held in their correct position and the shaft is the one that ensures that there are no frictions between them.

The advantages of the Movicorner Hinge for kitchens

As we mentioned before, with this hinge it will be very easy to access the inside of the furniture. But this is not its only advantage to highlight:

  • Soft closure and opening that does not strike or make noise.
  • It is easy to install and maintain. Cleaning is also very easy.
  • The Movicorner Hinge range allows you to open swinging doors and furniture corners without any problems or risks of risks of unhanging.
  • Save space as everything is well organized inside. Optimal storage of all items is achieved.
  • It is designed to fit kitchens, furniture and spaces of all kinds whether current or more classic style.
  • Available in different finishes and colors, it does not damage the aesthetics of the kitchens. It gives them a modern, distinguished and very practical touch.
  • The Movicorner Hinge is made of high-quality materials. That is why it is also a resistant and very functional hardware.


Technical features of this novel Movicorner Hinge for old and modern kitchens

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Technical characteristics of this hardware include:

  1. Works perfectly on corner doors with angles over 75º.
  2. It is available for heights of 700, 800 and 900mm.
  3. It has combinations of Zamack Aluminum and Zamack Stainless Steel.
  4. The space it occupies in corners of 90º is 40mm regardless of the thickness of the doors.


The Movicorner Hinge, which you can import today with IBMH, will be the best hardware for kitchen furniture that needs to make the most of the available space. Remember that at IBMH we are here to take care of all your furniture hardware imports from China and help you increase the profitability of your business. Contact us today!