At IBMH we have been perfecting, for a long time, the process of purchasing specific products, as well as the analysis of the quality of all the products that we will help you import from China. As a result of our great relations and continous involment with all our customers, we have been able to expand the range of companies for which we work

In this way, we can currently say that we are world leaders in the management of import of furniture hardware. Thus, we are not only working for Latin America, US and Europe, but we have become the Official Hardware Purchases Office in China of some of the most important companies of the Philippines, Russia and India.

We have achieved this, in addition to hard work, through the values of company based on efficiency and quality, as well as with the support of big clients that have relied on our services and that we have recommended to their subsidiaries in other countries.

Thus IBMH has achieved a global reputation in the sector of management of purchases in China and quality control


Currently, and in the new countries where we are working to assist in the importation of products in China, we are improving every day to negotiate the best purchase conditions for all our international customers. So that the companies of Philippines, Russia and India with which are collaborating trust in the prices conditions and unique services that we get directly from the specialized Chinese manufacturers.


In addition, working for the 5 continents give us a global vision of the hardware market, which gives us a unique and efficient way of working, that certainly differentiates us significantly from any other traditional purchasing management company in China.