Happiness Manager: Does your company need to hold this position?

Well-being in the company is associated with the job, salary, or incentive. On the other hand, when talking about happiness, things go more with the feeling of belonging, as well as with the fact that the worker gets up in the morning wanting to go to the office. Did you know that more and more companies are betting on the figure of the Happiness Manager? Could it also be a utility department in your hardware company? What qualities should a good Happiness Manager have?

The Origin of the Happiness Manager

The term Happiness Manager arises in Chile in response to the problems of a bank that saw how talent left the company. Instead of thinking about salary increases or team strategies, they tried to figure out if their employees were happy working at their company.

After analyzing the work environment, they found that the workers did not feel the confidence they wanted to have from the managers. That is, their feeling of belonging to the company was greatly damaged.

A department called Happiness Management

It was in this Chilean company where the department and the figure of the Happiness Manager emerged as a solution to the flight of talent, but also as a resource for the motivation and confidence of the members of the company.

An area in which professionals with extensive training in management of work teams studied the organization of the company and all its points of improvement.

What is the role of this new department?

The role of the department or Happiness Manager is to guide all members of the organization to row in the same direction. Always understanding human capital as the most important resource.

  • Promotes employee satisfaction with a job well done.
  • Takes care of the organizational climate, communication, functions and the number of activities or tasks that are carried out in the company.
  • Motivates and encourages to draw a future within the company.
  • Ensures that optimal working conditions are met for workers to perform their work.
  • Values and understands happiness as a primary element.
  • Improves employee self-esteem. As well as your feeling of belonging to a work team that is united.
  • Try to identify the motivations of the team. And also, problems and points of improvement that help workers feel more valued.


And what are the qualities that a Happiness Manager should have?

The Happiness Manager can become a key member of the organization. That even helps to improve productivity as long as he has these necessary qualities and skills:

  1. He must be a happy person fully satisfied with his personal and professional life.
  2. He must show a marked resilience, that is, adaptation to changes and setbacks.
  3. With a high level of empathy that helps employees grow as people.
  4. He also has to be able to create a business strategy that adds value to each and every employee.


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