Cubo de plástico plegable colgado en la puerta

In this occasion, the folding plastic bucket for kitchen not only stands out for its functionality, but also for its design, quality and practicality. Without doubt thanks to this simple accessory, your end customers will be able to save space in their kitchens and collect garbage comfortably. Do you want to discover all its features and advantages? We’ll tell you more!

This is the new folding plastic bucket that you can now import with IBMH

Cubo de plástico plegable colgado en la puerta

Certainly its use is intended for the collection of garbage from the kitchen. It is hung on the doors of the lower cabinet where food is prepared. It’s so practical that it will even save space in the kitchen or the place where it is installed.

In addition, you can put it hanging on the door of the lower cabinet thus achieving a great facility to collect the garbage when cooking. But it can also be placed on the door of the pantry, the closet, in the drawer of the room… The options are unlimited!


Some features to highlight

Cubo de plástico plegable colgado en la puerta

The technical characteristics of the collapsible garbage can for hanging on household furniture:

  • It is an accessory manufactured in PP plastic material of high quality and resistance.
  • Its capacity is 6 litres. Which makes it very practical for home use or even small offices.
  • Its dimensions are 24x15x21 cm.
  • It is only necessary that the thickness of the door in which it is located is a maximum of 2 cm.


Folding plastic bucket hanging on the door: Advantages

The advantages of this accessory that you can now incorporate into your catalogue, which ones should you know?

  1. In fact with this folding plastic bucket to collect garbage it will no longer be necessary to open the conventional bin. And, when not in use, it can be folded in such a way that valuable space is free for other uses.
  2. It can also be put on the ground.
  3. The end customer can comfortably perform tasks in the kitchen with an economy of movements: the garbage can is located right where it is needed. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary to take small portions of garbage and go back and forth several times to the conventional bin.
  4. In addition, it folds and unfolds very easily. This allows you to make better use of the available space. Super practical especially in small kitchens!
  5. On the other hand, it washes very easily avoiding possible bad odours.
  6. The collapsible plastic bucket is also very useful when recycling. It can be, for example, the bucket only for organic remains. Or even for packaging and plastics.

Earlier discover all the advantages of incorporating this and other similar products into your catalogue. Contact our experts for more information and advice!

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